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<h3>Balbirnie Woodland Walk</h3><p>Photographer: John McCluskey</p> <h3>Balbirnie from the Bleachfields</h3><p>Photographer: John McCluskey</p> <h3>Balbirnie House</h3><p>Photographer: John McCluskey</p> <h3>Markinch from the East</h3><p>Photographer: John McCluskey</p> <h3>Markinch Hill</h3><p>Provided by Living Lomonds</p> <h3>St Drostans from Markinch Hill</h3><p>Photographer John McCluskey</p> <h3>Viaduct and Blue Bridge</h3><p>Photographer John McCluskey</p> <h3>View from Markinch Hill at Sunset</h3><p>Photographer John McCluskey</p> <h3>Bains Brae in the Snow</h3><p>Photographer Gael Hogarth</p> <h3>St Drostans at Christmas 2016</h3><p>Photographer Gael Hogarth</p>